• Razr459

    After playing the hell out of Bulletstorm, I have to say this; I LOVE the skillshot system. It gives an added edge to the gameplay, as well as increases the fun. So after playing the game for a long, long amount of time, I started thinking of my own. They aren't that great, but I think people could have fun pulling them off. So, here they are:

    Suicide Bomber: After getting ensared by a Flail Gunner's flail, kill an enemy by running up to them, and let the explosion finish them off. 500 new; 100 base

    Ouch: Hit an enemy in the nuts with the Penetrator. 250 new; 50 base

    Executor: Shoot someone in the nuts, then shoot him in the back of the head. 500 new; 100 base

    Open Wide: Get a headshot with the Bouncer. 125 new; 25 base

    That's what I have so fa…

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