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  • I live in a stellar body known as Asteroid F
  • My occupation is Tyrant
  • I am All Rights Reserved
  • Dr. Clayton Forrestor

    dear ladies and gentlemen of gearbox,

    i know in these trying economic times it is considered a moral imperative to turn a fast (and loose) buck. to say things like "leaving money on the table" even though there is no money in play unless something is offered for money and there is no table unless someone says (or types) 'table' to call one in to existence for the purpose of imagery (a place for the money to be before being grabbed by the quickest crook). please do not tack on meaningless useless unproductive tat to this game. please just remove the GfWL. sell it for 20 bucks (5 bucks for owners of GfWL version on steam, origin, uplay). yes. twenty dollars. even to xbone and ps4. you bought the franchise. let everyone play the game …

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  • Dr. Clayton Forrestor

    I do. this is still my all time favourite multi player first person shooter. i want more.

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  • Dr. Clayton Forrestor

    Gamestop Digital Downloads

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