The Screamer in Grayson's hands and another one in the hands of a Skull Flaregunner

The Screamer is a revolver which is both powerful and accurate, making it a contender for the easiest weapon to quickly headshot multiple enemies with.


Finding it marks a point in the game in which the number of Skillshots available to the player dramatically increases.

It is the second weapon to be found by the player within the game world, after the PMC.

The Screamer has good range, accuracy and power - which is slightly offset by the single-shot firing rate.

When Charged, it fires a flare-type projectile which can kill enemies via explosion. The Charged shot can also set any nearby enemies on fire, which is convenient for setting up Afterburner Skillshots.

Screamers are carried by various Creeps and Skull Flaregunners.


The following is a list of known skillshots unique to the Screamer:

Skillshot Points Description
One Hit Wonder 25 Kill an enemy with one shot from the Screamer.
Surgeon 25 Kill an enemy with the Screamer by shooting only one single limb repeatedly.
Fast Draw 50 Kill an enemy the moment you have them in your sights with the Screamer.
Snapshot 50 Kill an airborne enemy the moment you have them in your sights with the Screamer.
Gunslinger 100 Score two or more Fast Draws or Snapshots in a row with the Screamer.
Enlightenment 50 CHARGED: Shoot an enemy in the head with a charged Screamer and have it detonate.
Misfire 50 CHARGED: Shoot an enemy with a charged Screamer and have them die from something else before it explodes.
Fireball 50 CHARGED: Shoot an enemy with a flare so that it explodes and kills another enemy.
Fireworks 50 CHARGED: Shoot an enemy with a charged Screamer shot, and have them explode 20 meters or higher in the air. (Best used on thumped enemies)
Firefighter 100 CHARGED: Ignite three or more enemies and kill them while they are burning.


Bulletstorm Skill Shot List - Screamer01:21

Bulletstorm Skill Shot List - Screamer

All Screamer Skillshots


  • The Screamer has the most skillshots involving its charged shot.
  • It bears a basic resemblance in function to the Boltok Pistol from Gears of War. Like the Boltok Pistol, it has a lower firing rate, but makes up for it with higher stopping power and accuracy.

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