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Meat Slicer

250 sp

Base Value

50 sp

Weapon type(s)




Enemy type(s)

Infantry class; Skulls, Creeps, Burnouts, Final Echo

Number of enemies


The Meat Slicer skillshot is achieved by using the Flailgun to wrap a flail around an abject, cutting an enemy in half in the process. This is easiest to perform on enemies that are hiding around corners by aiming the edge of the flail at the corner.


  • A meat slicer is a device used to cut cleanly through meat and bone in a butchers shop. This is a direct reference as the chain cuts neatly through everything the enemy has, armor and flesh alike, due to its high velocity and weight.
  • There is one somewhat easy place to get this skillshot in Act 4 chapter 3. The player will come across a lone turret gunner. If you aim carefully you should be able to wrap the grenade chain around the stem of the chaingun, slicing the gunner in half.

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