Gun Sonata is the first DLC pack for Bulletstorm. The DLC pack was released on April 12, 2011 by developer People Can Fly and publisher Epic. It is currently available for $9.99 on PS3 and 800 MSP on Xbox LIVE.

The pack includes:

  • Three Anarchy maps (Villa, Sewers and Hotel Elysium).
  • Two Echo missions (Crash Site and Guns of Stygia).
  • Two Leash colors (Pulp and Flamingo).
  • Five Achievements on the XBOX and Trophies on the PS3, these are the following:
    • Last Blood: At the end of Guns of Stygia, kill all the enemies on the walkways before the explosions do.
    • Hell Razor: Kill a Burnout using the helicopter that arrives in Crash Site.
    • Heart Attack: Kill a Boss using the Hot Dog cart in the Hotel Elysium map.
    • Bell End: Kill 5 enemies at the same time using "Dung" in the Villa map.
    • Extinguisher: In the Sewer map Kill 5 enemies in 1 wave by setting them on fire then extinguishing them.

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