Ach-golden idol

"Golden Idol" is an achievement in Bulletstorm. It is unlocked after you have performed every skillshot in the Campaign. This achievement may take a fairly long time to complete as there are 131 total skillshots in the Campaign.


  • Description "Perform every Single Player Skillshot in the game"
  • Xbox 360 Achievement worth 50 Gamerscore
  • Play Station 3 Gold Trophy

Video GuidesEdit

Golden Idol 103:49

Golden Idol 1

General I

Golden Idol 205:24

Golden Idol 2

General II

Golden Idol 300:55

Golden Idol 3

Peace Maker Carbine

Golden Idol 401:23

Golden Idol 4


Golden Idol 501:49

Golden Idol 5

Flail Gun

Boneduster Skillshots01:20

Boneduster Skillshots


Golden Idol 601:49

Golden Idol 6

Head Hunter

Golden Idol 701:06

Golden Idol 7


Golden Idol 801:47

Golden Idol 8


Secret Skillshots03:43

Secret Skillshots

Secret Skillshots

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