Carpet Bombing

250 sp

Base Value

50 sp

Weapon type(s)




Enemy type(s)

Infantry class; Skulls, Creeps, Burnouts, Final Echo

Number of enemies

One required; multiple possible

The Carpet Bombing skillshot is achieved by bouncing a cannonball from the Bouncer at least twice before killing an enemy with it. This is fairly difficult to achieve due to the Bouncer's lack of propulsion when firing the cannonball. The Charge Shot will not count, as it detonates on every bounce. The cannonball can be bounced off walls and ceilings for an easier way to achieve a double bounce.


  • Carpet Bombing is a type of air-strike used in the war. It is used across a large strip of land to devastate and destroy anything it touches. The carpet bomb covers the area like a blanket - explaining the reference to the bouncing along a strip of land required for the skillshot.
  • Although real carpet bombing can only be performed on land, the skillshot allows for multiple bounces anywhere on the field - roofs, ceilings, walls, doors, floor etc.

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