Bullet Slide

125 sp

Base Value

50 sp

Weapon type(s)




Enemy type(s)

Infantry class; Skulls, Creeps

Number of enemies


Bullet Slide is the name of a skillshot in Bulletstorm.

It requires the player to slide into an enemy before finishing them off with Bullets. It is one of the easiest skillshots to do and rewards you with 125 skillpoints upon first completion, and 25 skillpoints upon secondary completion and on. Much like Bullet Kick it is really easy to perform due to the fact that the player can slide almost instantly and for a long distance, and Gray's gravity defying kick can be applied to the enemy too, allowing for an easy kill.

Tips and TricksEdit

Aim for headshots to maximise profit when performing this skillshot as the extra 25 skillpoints can make you quick and easy points to spend on upgrades.


  • When sliding into enemies, the enemy will not fly as high as if they had been kicked and they will not go as far, making it less likely they will be impaled on an object should the player fail the kill.

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