Bad Digestion

500 sp

Base Value

100 sp

Weapon type(s)

Melee, Explosive barrel or trashcan, Screamer, Flailgun, Head Hunter


Screamer, Head Hunter - Charged Flailgun - Regular

Enemy type(s)

Infantry Class: Skulls

Number of enemies


The Bad Digestion skillshot is achieved by getting a Venus Maneater to swallow something explosive.

Ways to achieve:

  • Attach a flail or flare to an enemy and kick him towards a Maneater.
  • Use the Head Hunter's charged shot and direct the enemy towards a Maneater.
  • Kick an explosive barrel or a volitile trashcan in range of (but not towards) a Maneater.
  • Use the Bouncer and fire directly into the Venus Maneater (pictured). Hold the trigger so that the plant gets to swallow the cannonball, otherwise this will not work.

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