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Acid Rain

250 sp

Base Value

50 sp

Weapon type(s)




Enemy type(s)

Infantry class; Skulls, Creeps, Burnouts, Final Echo

Number of enemies

Two required; multiple possible

The Acid Rain skillshot is achieved by using the Boneduster's Charge Shot to vaporize two or more airborne enemies. It is easiest to earn by thumping a group of enemies that are standing close to one another and firing into the middle of them.


  • Acid rain is a real life weather condition caused by various circumstances, including coal power plants, cars, and general human activity that causes precipitation to be more acidic than usual. It can cause harm to plants, aquatic animals, and erode infrastructure over time. This is a reference to the effects of this Skillshot, making targets disintegrate into ashes and fall from the sky.

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