Act3 ch2

A Dam Fine Mess (Act 3-2) is the second chapter of the third Act in Bulletstorm's campaign.

Act 3, Chapter 2 picks up immediately after the ending of Act 3, Chapter 1. begins with Grayson and Ishi closing in on Trishka Novak's signal through the leash. However, a Creep lures the two into a trap, were a horde of the mutants attack them. However, Gray and Ishi are able to kill all of the Creeps and continue searching for Novak.

After proceeding into an incinerator, Gray and Ishi find Trishka being swarmed by the mutants. The two are successfully able to kill all of the Creeps that attacked them, again. They try and talk to Trishka, who reacts violently to their presence. After a brief argument, the three decide to work together to escape Stygia alive.

On their way out of the incinerator, Trishka reveals the reason behind the mutilated Skulls. She explains that the Skulls and Creeps are at war with each other. The Skulls cannibalize the Creeps due to the lack of food on Stygia. Creep retaliation is to slaughter any humans they find.

After reaching the outside, the three emerge into a violent firefight between the Skulls and the Creeps. They fight their way through the Skulls and reach the side of the dam. On the way through the generator of the dam, Gray makes his usual approach to getting through; destruction. He destroys the two magnetodynamic generations, much to Trishka's dismay, and ultimately destroys much of the dam.

Gray, Trishka, and Ishi are then forced to jump off the side of the dam to survive. However, they are later ambushed by several Vulture gyrocopters. The collapsing dam generator, and subsequent tidal wave destroy the Vultures. However, the trio is sent into the water and nearly drown. Thus ending Act 3, Chapter 2.

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